Counselor's Welcome Letter

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Dear Triangle Math and Science Academy High School Family,
The Triangle Counseling team welcomes you to a wonderful school year with a full of Tiger Pride!  Throughout your high school experience, you will find our services to be an integral part of your education.  
Your child college counselor is Mr.Kaplan who has been working for  TMSA family since 2009. His website is located under He is easy to reach by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Our main communication source will be the counseling website. Any necessary forms can be found forms regarding High Scholars at the counseling website. 
We are planning for following services and events with TMSA HS Family. 
1. One on one meetings with every single grade level from 9th-11th grade student to finalize a 4-year HS course/career planning.
2. Organizing College Visits
3. Initiating a College Prep. Program for 11th Graders ( Junior Coach ) which will be started 4 weeks after school starts. 
                           a.     Study Hall for SAT/AP courses

b.     Attendance

c.      GPA Check

d.     Grade-Assignment Check

e.     Monitoring participation to junior study camps and college visit

f.      Building resume

g.     Searching for scholarship

h.     Account creation for: College Board, CFNC, Common App

i.       NAVIANCE Task Assignment

j.       The college search and match

k.     Register for SAT test in March, April and May

l.       Ensure junior participation to study camps and college visits

m.   College Board, CFNC, Common App and Naviance account creation and keeping everybody SAT and College Board, CFNC, Common App and Naviance Login Information in case students forget it.

n. and more.......

5. Home visits with all our HS families. Please see the home visits sign up. I will update it every other week. 
7- I will also be working with our athletes closely to look for college/career opportunities
8- Creating Internship and Job Shadowing Opportunities for HS students. 
9- Also, TMSA offers a lot of Clubs and organizations which involve with Scholarship Opportunities. Please the list of clubs and organizations at the website.  
10. And more...
Mr.Kaplan will be your main point of contact regarding college counseling related services as well as the below listed HS team members.
Mr. Kara -- School Principal 
Mr. T -- High School Dean (Anything that is not addressed by the staff below, HS Program, Course Offerings, Staff Management, Student Discipline)
Mr. Kaplan -- College Counselor (scheduling, college preparations, college application process, career assistance, driver’s ed forms, NCVPS, Dual Enrollment)
Mrs. Favreau -- Academic Support Coordinator (Student Support, academic clubs/organizations, Saturday school/tutoring, specific course assistance, college preparedness assistance - the essay, writing the application, etc.) 
Club advisors -- listed on schedule 
Collectively, our professional staff will work diligently alongside students and parents to engage students, foster achievement and inspire excellence throughout their high school years.  Please know you are an extension of our team and we look forward to assisting with your academic, personal/social and college/career needs.
The Goals of the Triangle Math and Science Academy High School College Counseling Department Are:
• To assist students with educational, personal, career and goal planning.
• To develop personalized programs based on each student’s strengths and needs.
• To help students understand themselves and others.
• To assist students in identifying and dealing with problems.
• To facilitate the identification of students with special needs.
• To provide crisis intervention when necessary.
• To coordinate referrals to school and community support services.
• To serve as a resource to students, parents, teachers, and administrators.
Some Reasons to Contact Your Child’s School Counseling Team Are:
• Academic skills support
• Career preparation
• Postsecondary planning and application process
• School adjustment issues
• Coping, problem-solving, decision-making concerns
• Organizational, study and test-taking skills
• Peer relationships and conflict resolution problems  
• Divorce, separation and family changes
• Experiencing loss, death, and grief
• Substance abuse awareness
• Multicultural/diversity awareness
• School-based and community resources information or referrals
Please visit the TMSA HS Counseling Website for more information.  You may also contact the College Counseling Office at (919) 388-0077 Ext. 155 or email your child’s school counselor.
Professional school counselors provide all students the opportunity to:
• Demonstrate skills needed for school success.
• Demonstrate the connection between coursework and life experiences.
• Make course selections that allow them the opportunity to choose from a wide range of postsecondary options.
• Explore interests and abilities in relation to knowledge of self and the world of work.
• Identify and apply strategies to achieve future academic and career success.
• Demonstrate the skills for successful goal setting and attainment.
• Develop an electronic portfolio to highlight strengths and interests.
Professional school counselors collaborate with administrators, teachers, staff, families and the community to ensure all students have the opportunity to design a rigorous and relevant academic and career program. Professional school counselors design and implement a comprehensive school counseling program that includes educational and career planning activities for all students designed to assist students in reaching academic, career and personal/social goals.
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